Magnetic Fidget Pen

Looking for a fun and unique way to relieve stress? Check out the Magnetic Fidget Pen! 

This unique pen features a removable fidget piece that can be used to relieve stress and keep your hands busy. The fidget piece is also magnetic, so you can attach it to the end of the pen or anywhere else on your desk. The Magnetic Fidget Pen is perfect for people of all ages who want a way to stay calm and focused. 

Works as a pen and a stylus - It isn't just for entertainment, you can use the Fidget pen for productive things too;)

Snaps back in seconds - If your teacher or boss comes by you can put it back together before they have a chance to say "gimme that."

Helps your ADHD - Studies show that having something to fidget with within a class or at work helps you stay focused. Now you can fidget with your pen!

Endless possibilities - There really is no limit to what you can build, and the possibilities only expand when you have multiple pens. 

High quality - These pens are not cheap, they're made of strong neodymium rare earth magnets and have quality gel pen cartridges.


  •  🔄    Processing Time - 1-4 business days.
  •  📦    Shipping - We offer Worldwide shipping! average delivery time is 9 - 25 days business days not including processing time.