Poop Expression Plush

$ 22.99

 Poop Expressions Plush is the cutest and most expressive plush toy that's bursting with charm. 

It’s all the excitement of a new stuffed animal with none of the mess. Poop Expression Plush is an adorable, squeezable plush that features a sturdy, pooping head complete with several expressions to show all your emotions.

From joy and anger to melancholy and happiness, Poop Expression Plush provides you with your own portable novelty friend who won't make a big old pile on the side of your car seats or leave behind any nasty odor.


  •  ☁️    100% premium quality cotton.
  •  ⭐️    Perfect for all ages.
  •  🎁    Perfect for a gift on any special day or holiday.
  •  🏖    Promotes relaxation with its unbelievably soft material.
  •  🧵    Material is PP cotton.
  •  📐    Heights available are 20cm and 28cm


  • High-quality environmental protection PP cotton
  • Our high-quality plushies appeal to all ages, from toddlers to adults, perfect for play, collecting, and cuddling


Plush toys can be gently hand washed with water and soap. Do not squeeze or iron as this may cause damage.


  •  🔄    Processing Time - 1-4 business days.
  •  📦    Shipping - We offer Worldwide shipping! average delivery time is 9-25 days, business days not including processing time.